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 Post subject: Facets on a field with null values - addFacetDocValues
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:41 am 

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I'm trying to use facets on a field that allows nulls. I'm using indexNullAs as below and I was expecting that facets will give results also for this value, but my query returns 3 results (two entites which have values and one which has null) and facets return count equal 2 instead of 3.

        @Fields({ @Field(name = "district"),
         @Field(name = "district_facet_field", analyze = Analyze.NO, indexNullAs = Field.DEFAULT_NULL_TOKEN) })
   @Facet(name = "district_facet_field", forField = "district_facet_field", encoding = FacetEncodingType.STRING)
   @Column(name = "a_district")
   private String district;

I did debug it and get to a conclusion that it may be related to the code that is executed when indexing entites, because in

class DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity {
    private void buildDocumentFieldsForProperties(Document document,
         FacetHandling faceting,
         TypeMetadata typeMetadata,
         ConversionContext conversionContext,
         InstanceInitializer objectInitializer,
         float documentBoost,
         Object unproxiedInstance,
         boolean multiValued){

   addFacetDocValues( document, fieldMetadata, facetMetadata, currentFieldValue );


   private void addFacetDocValues(Document document,
         DocumentFieldMetadata fieldMetadata,
         FacetMetadata facetMetadata,
         Object value) {
      // we don't add null values to the facet field
      if ( value == null ) {



currentFieldValue passed to addFacetDocValues has the actual value, so null in my case, and not the indexAsNull value, which I would expect.

Can someone explain to me if it is really inconsistent with the indexNullAs for field or my expectations are wrong and I just have to deal with the fact that facets can't be done on null values even when indexNullAs is used?

Best regards,

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