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 Post subject: ClassNotFound Exception while using hbm2java
PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:06 am 

Joined: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:22 am
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the build.xml in Middlegen-Hibernate-r5 is
<?xml version="1.0"?>

This is a testing platform for the middlegen hibernate plugin. It is a stripped
down version of the samples application. At the moment it is only concerned
with the generation of the mapping documents so that various tests etc can be
done on the generated package.

David Channon

The DOCTYPE declaration declares the location of product-specific parts of the
Ant build file. You can change the values of these declarations to point to
other available files. This gives you an opportunity to choose what database.

Note that this syntax has noting to do with Ant or Middlegen. This
is the standard way defined by w3c to dynamically include external
files in an XML document. Any decent XML parser will do the include
transparently. Try to open this file in Internet Explorer and see
for yourself.

<!DOCTYPE project [
<!ENTITY database SYSTEM "file:./config/database/mysql.xml">

<project name="Middlegen Hibernate" default="all" basedir=".">

<!-- project name="Middlegen Hibernate" default="all" basedir="." -->

<property file="${basedir}/build.properties" />
<property name="name" value="HibernateSample" />

<!-- This was added because we were several people (in a course) deploying to same app server>
<property environment="env"/>
<property name="unique.name" value="${name}.${env.COMPUTERNAME}"/-->

<property name="gui" value="true" />

<property name="unique.name" value="${name}" />

<property name="appxml.src.file" value="${basedir}/src/application.xml" />
<property name="lib.dir" value="${basedir}/lib" />
<property name="src.dir" value="${basedir}/src" />
<property name="java.src.dir" value="${src.dir}/java" />
<property name="web.src.dir" value="${src.dir}/web" />

<property name="build.dir" value="${basedir}/build" />
<property name="build.java.dir" value="${build.dir}/java" />
<property name="build.gen-src.dir" value="../../../src" />
<property name="build.classes.dir" value="${build.dir}/classes" />


<!-- define the datasource.jndi.name in case the imported ejb file doesn't -->
<property name="datasource.jndi.name" value="${name}/datasource" />

<path id="lib.class.path">
<pathelement path="${database.driver.classpath}" />
<fileset dir="${lib.dir}">
<include name="*.jar" />
<!-- The middlegen jars -->
<!--fileset dir="${basedir}/.."-->
<fileset dir="${basedir}/middlegen-lib">
<include name="*.jar" />
<pathelement path="../../hibernate-extensions-2.1.3/tools/hibernate-tools.jar" />
<fileset dir="../../hibernate-extensions-2.1.3/tools/lib">
<include name="*.jar" />
<pathelement path="../../hibernate-2.1/hibernate2.jar" />
<fileset dir="../../hibernate-2.1/lib">
<include name="*.jar" />


<target name="init">
<available property="xdoclet1.2+" classname="xdoclet.modules.hibernate.HibernateDocletTask" classpathref="lib.class.path" />

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Fails if XDoclet 1.2.x is not on classpath -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="fail-if-no-xdoclet-1.2" unless="xdoclet1.2+">
You must download several jar files before you can build Middlegen.

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Create tables -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="create-tables" depends="init,fail-if-no-xdoclet-1.2,check-driver-present,panic-if-driver-not-present" description="Create tables">
<echo>Creating tables using URL ${database.url}</echo>
<sql classpath="${database.driver.classpath}" driver="${database.driver}" url="${database.url}" userid="${database.userid}" password="${database.password}" src="${database.script.file}" print="true" output="result.txt" />
<target name="check-driver-present">
<available file="${database.driver.file}" type="file" property="driver.present" />
<target name="panic-if-driver-not-present" unless="driver.present">
The JDBC driver you have specified by including one of the files in ${basedir}/config/database
doesn't exist. You have to download this driver separately and put it in ${database.driver.file}
Please make sure you're using a version that is equal or superior to the one we looked for.
If you name the driver jar file differently, please update the database.driver.file property
in the ${basedir}/config/database/xxx.xml file accordingly.

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Run Middlegen -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="middlegen" description="Run Middlegen" unless="middlegen.skip" depends="init,fail-if-no-xdoclet-1.2,check-driver-present,panic-if-driver-not-present">
<mkdir dir="${build.gen-src.dir}" />

<echo message="Class path = ${basedir}" />
<taskdef name="middlegen" classname="middlegen.MiddlegenTask" classpathref="lib.class.path" />

<middlegen appname="${name}" prefsdir="${src.dir}" gui="${gui}" databaseurl="${database.url}" initialContextFactory="${java.naming.factory.initial}" providerURL="${java.naming.provider.url}" datasourceJNDIName="${datasource.jndi.name}" driver="${database.driver}" username="${database.userid}" password="${database.password}" schema="${database.schema}" catalog="${database.catalog}">

We can specify what tables we want Data generated for.
If none are specified, Data will be generated for all tables.
Comment out the <table> elements if you want to generate for all tables.
Also note that table names are CASE SENSITIVE for certain databases,
so on e.g. Oracle you should specify table names in upper case.
<!--table generate="true" name="flights" pktable="flights_pk"/>
<table name="reservations"/-->

If you want m:n relations, they must be specified like this.
Note that tables declare in multiple locations must all have
the same value of the generate attribute.
<tablea generate="true" name="persons"/>
<jointable name="reservations" generate="false"/>
<tableb generate="true" name="flights"/>

<!-- Plugins - Only Hibernate Plugin has been included with this special distribution -->

If you want to generate XDoclet markup for hbm2java to include in the POJOs then
set genXDocletTags to true. Also, composite keys are generated as external classes which is
recommended. If you wish to keep them internal then set genIntergratedCompositeKeys to true.
Since r4 the ability to customise the selection of JavaTypes is now provided. The is a
recommended type mapper provided as shown. It is optional - if not provided then Middlegen
itself will select the Java mapping (as it did previously).
These settings are optional thus if they are not define here values default to false.
<hibernate destination="${build.gen-src.dir}" package="com.redsaga.quickstart" genXDocletTags="true" genIntergratedCompositeKeys="false" javaTypeMapper="middlegen.plugins.hibernate.HibernateJavaTypeMapper" />


<mkdir dir="${build.classes.dir}" />

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Compile business logic (hibernate) -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="compile-hibernate" depends="middlegen" description="Compile hibernate Business Domain Model">
<javac srcdir="${build.gen-src.dir}" destdir="${build.classes.dir}" classpathref="lib.class.path">
<include name="**/hibernate/**/*" />

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Run hbm2java depends="middlegen" -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="hbm2java" description="Generate .java from .hbm files.">
<taskdef name="hbm2java" classname="net.sf.hibernate.tool.hbm2java.Hbm2JavaTask" classpathref="lib.class.path" />

<hbm2java output="${build.gen-src.dir}">
<fileset dir="${build.gen-src.dir}">
<include name="**/*.hbm.xml" />

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Build everything -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="all" description="Build everything" depends="compile-hibernate" />

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Clean everything -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="clean" description="Clean all generated stuff">
<delete dir="${build.dir}" />

<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Brings up the hsqldb admin tool -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<target name="hsqldb-gui" description="Brings up the hsqldb admin tool">
<property name="database.urlparams" value="?user=${database.userid}&amp;password=${database.password}" />
<java classname="org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManager" fork="yes" classpath="${lib.dir}/hsqldb-1.7.1.jar;${database.driver.classpath}" failonerror="true">
<arg value="-url" />
<arg value="${database.url}${database.urlparams}" />
<arg value="-driver" />
<arg value="${database.driver}" />

<!-- ==================================================================== -->
<!-- Validate the generated xml mapping documents -->
<!-- ==================================================================== -->
<target name="validate">
<xmlvalidate failonerror="no" lenient="no" warn="yes">
<fileset dir="${build.gen-src.dir}/airline/hibernate" includes="*.xml" />


the setenv.bat is

@echo off

rem -------------------------------------------------------------------
rem Setup environment for hibernate tools
rem -------------------------------------------------------------------

set JDBC_DRIVER=C:\Progra~1\SQLLIB\java\db2java.zip;C:\mm.mysql-2.0.14\mm.mysql-2.0.14-bin.jar

set HIBERNATETOOLS_HOME=E:\chenhaiyue\学科资料\eclipse\HibernateSample\lib\hibernate-extensions-2.1.3\tools\bin\..

set HIBERNATE_HOME=E:\chenhaiyue\学科资料\eclipse\HibernateSample\lib\hibernate-2.1

if "%HIBERNATE_HOME%" == "" goto noHIBERNATEHome

set CP=%CLASSPATH%;%JDBC_DRIVER%;%HIBERNATE_HOME%\hibernate2.jar;%CORELIB%\commons-logging-1.0.3.jar;%CORELIB%\commons-lang-1.0.1.jar;%CORELIB%\cglib-2.0-rc2.jar;%CORELIB%\dom4j-1.4.jar;%CORELIB%\odmg-3.0.jar;%CORELIB%\xml-apis.jar;%CORELIB%\xerces-2.4.0.jar;%CORELIB%\xalan-2.4.0.jar;%LIB%\jdom.jar;%CORELIB%\commons-collections-2.1.jar;%LIB%\..\hibernate-tools.jar

if not "%HIBERNATE_HOME%" == "" goto end

echo HIBERNATE_HOME is not set. Please set HIBERNATE_HOME.
goto end


this is the error

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