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 Post subject: Revere Engineering from SQL Server does nothing
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:26 am 

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I am trying to reverse engineer the dao's and classes from sql server via ant. When I run, I get no errors and no results. I have seen previous posts regarding match-catalog, but that yields nothing as well.

I know I am connecting because when I change the UID/PW... I get an error.

Here are snippets of what I am using .... in SQL Server - the table is dbo.app_user in TradingSystem db

From rev eng file

<table-filter match-catalog="TradingSystem" match-schema="dbo" match-name="app_user"/>

Ant file
<target name="generate" description="Build Hibernate Models">
<echo message="Starting to generate models ...."/>
<taskdef name="hibernatetool" classname="org.hibernate.tool.ant.HibernateToolTask" classpathref="toolslib" />

<hibernatetool destdir="${generate.dir}">
<!-- <classpath>
<path location="${build.dir}\"/>
</classpath> -->

<!-- <configuration configurationfile="${config.dir}/hibernate.cfg.xml"/> -->
<!-- <annotationconfiguration configurationfile="${config.dir}/hibernate.cfg.xml"/> -->
<jdbcconfiguration propertyfile="${config.dir}/hibernate.properties" revengfile="${config.dir}/hibernate.reveng.xml" packagename="com.ddh.financialforum.model" />

<hbm2java ejb3="true" jdk5="true"/>

<echo message="Completes generate models ...."/>

Thanks in advance!

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