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 Post subject: hbm2java generates dbtimestamp -> not compilable
PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:12 pm 

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Hi all,

I am pretty new to hibernate, so please excuse if my questions were answered before, although I tried my best to search for the answers to problem...

I use the classic hbm.xml approach and having problems with the hibernate versioning possibilities. The MySQL database has a timestamp column called t_update that is automatically updated. I want to use this column for the versioning. I have defined the following hbm.xml

    <class name="de.littlejoes.hibernate.model.Thing"  table="game" catalog="betdata" >
        <id name="id" type="java.lang.Long">
            <column name="id" />
            <generator class="identity" />
        <timestamp name="lastUpdate" column="t_update" source="db" generated="always" />

The hbm2java tools runs through, but it produces code that can't be compiled. Here is the created java code:

public class Thing implements java.io.Serializable {

   private Long id;
   private dbtimestamp lastUpdate;

   public dbtimestamp getLastUpdate() {
      return this.lastUpdate;

   public void setLastUpdate(dbtimestamp lastUpdate) {
      this.lastUpdate = lastUpdate;

The problem is the type "dbtimestamp", which is not recognized by the java compiler. Eclipse suggests a change it to DbTimestampType. If I change the code as suggested my program does not run either (A runtime exception IllegalArgumentException occurred while calling setter of de.littlejoes.hibernate.model.Thing.lastUpdate stops the show...).

I feel, that I miss some obvious point about the usage of timestamps for versioning. I need to use timestamps because the database has other non-hibernate clients that also change data rows, so the approach to use hibernate/JVM generated version numbers would not work for me.

Can anyone help me finding my error(s)? if you need more information, please ask and I see to post all required information.


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