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 Post subject: QuerySyntaxException: unexpected token: join near line 1
PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:22 am 

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I am getting this exception please resolve

org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.QuerySyntaxException: unexpected token: join near line 1, column 801 [Select ubi.name,uoi.user_order_id,uoi.train_no,uoi.date, COALESCE(voi.gstin,0,1,2)as gstin,voi.assignee_person_name as vendor_name,voi.vendor_id,COALESCE(voi.hsn_code,0,1,2) as hsn_code,COALESCE(voi.gst_percent,0,1,2) as gst_percent, uom.quantity,uom.itemCustomerPayable,uom.itemBasePrice,uoi.discount,uoi.delivery_cost,uoi.totalCustomerPayableCapped,uoi.totalCapped,uoi.order_outlet_id,COALESCE(uom.cgstPercent,0,1,2) as cgst_percent, COALESCE(uom.itemVendorGstPercent,0,1,2) as igst_percent,COALESCE(uom.sgstPercent,0,1,2) as sgst_percent,COALESCE(uom.cgstAmount,0,1,2) as cgst_amount,COALESCE(uom.sgstAmount,0,1,2) as sgst_amount,COALESCE(uom.igstAmount,0,1,2) as igst_amount, mm.menu_name from com.tk.model.UserOrderInfo uoi  join uoi.vendorOutletInfo voi where uoi.order_outlet_id=voi.outlet_id join uoi.userOrderMenu uom where uom.userOrderId=uoi.user_order_id  and uom.menuRevisionId=uoi.menu_revision_id join MasterMenu mm where mm.menu_id=uom.itemId join uoi.userBasicInfo ubi where ubi.user_id=uoi.user_id where uoi.user_order_id =:orderId and uoi.is_undeliver=0 and uoi.is_cancel=0  and uoi.is_send=1]

 Post subject: Re: QuerySyntaxException: unexpected token: join near line 1
PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:31 am 
Hibernate Team
Hibernate Team

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It's much better if you format the SQL query, with a tool like sqlformat.org:

SELECT ubi.name,
       COALESCE(voi.gstin,0,1,2)AS gstin,
       voi.assignee_person_name AS vendor_name,
       COALESCE(voi.hsn_code,0,1,2) AS hsn_code,
       COALESCE(voi.gst_percent,0,1,2) AS gst_percent,
       COALESCE(uom.cgstPercent,0,1,2) AS cgst_percent,
       COALESCE(uom.itemVendorGstPercent,0,1,2) AS igst_percent,
       COALESCE(uom.sgstPercent,0,1,2) AS sgst_percent,
       COALESCE(uom.cgstAmount,0,1,2) AS cgst_amount,
       COALESCE(uom.sgstAmount,0,1,2) AS sgst_amount,
       COALESCE(uom.igstAmount,0,1,2) AS igst_amount,
FROM com.tk.model.UserOrderInfo uoi
JOIN uoi.vendorOutletInfo voi
WHERE uoi.order_outlet_id=voi.outlet_id
  JOIN uoi.userOrderMenu uom WHERE uom.userOrderId=uoi.user_order_id
  AND uom.menuRevisionId=uoi.menu_revision_id
  JOIN MasterMenu mm WHERE mm.menu_id=uom.itemId
  JOIN uoi.userBasicInfo ubi WHERE ubi.user_id=uoi.user_id WHERE uoi.user_order_id =:orderId
  AND uoi.is_undeliver=0
  AND uoi.is_cancel=0
  AND uoi.is_send=1

Now, it's quite obvious that the SQL query is malformed.

You can't use JOIN after a WHERE clause, then again a WHERE clause.

You need to revise the JPQL/HQL query you wrote so that it follows the SELECT query BNF.

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