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 Post subject: joined-subclass query returning parent class for subclass
PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:36 pm 

Joined: Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:23 pm
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I had a model that included a table called bpl_repository that mapped to a RepositoryBean.

I created two new subclasses of this repository: bpl_domerepository which maps to DOMERepositoryBean and bpl_lfsrepository which maps to LFSRepositoryBean.

<class name="com.polarlake.pl4edm.model.RepositoryBean" table="bpl_repository">

      <id type="long" access="field" name="id">
         <generator class="native">
            <param name="sequence">repository_sequence</param>
            <param name="max_lo">1000</param>
      <version type="long" unsaved-value="null" access="field" name="version" />

      <property type="long" access="field" name="repositoryIdentifier"
         unique="true" />
      <property type="string" access="field" name="repositoryName" />
      <property type="string" access="field" name="repositoryType" />
      <property type="string" access="field" name="description" />
      <property name="status" access="field">
         <type name="org.hibernate.type.EnumType">
            <param name="enumClass">com.polarlake.pl4edm.model.RepositoryStatus</param>
            <param name="useNamed">true</param>

      <list table="bpl_repository_prop" access="field" name="repositoryProperties">
         <key column="repository_id" />
         <list-index column="idx" />
            <property name="name" type="string" access="field" />
            <property name="propertyValue" type="string" access="field" />
      <joined-subclass name="com.polarlake.pl4edm.model.LFSRepositoryBean"

         <key column="repository_id"></key>
         <property name="fileStoreQueryUrl" type="string" access="field"/>
         <property name="vendor" type="string" access="field" />


      <joined-subclass name="com.polarlake.pl4edm.model.DOMERepositoryBean"
         <key column="repository_id"></key>
         <property name="databaseURL" type="string" access="field"/>
         <property name="username" type="string" access="field"/>
         <property name="password" type="string" access="field"/>


I am having a strange problem with the discriminator when I try to resolve a LFSRepositoryBean that used to be a RepositoryBean before I made the changes. What I mean is that this doesn't occur for beans created after the model change and it doesnt occur at all for DOMERepositoryBeans.

When trying to resolve a LFSRepositoryBean by repositoryIdentifier e.g "11"

the following SQL is generated by hibernate:

SELECT repository0_.id              AS id1_3_,
  repository0_.version              AS version2_3_,
  repository0_.repositoryIdentifier AS reposito3_3_,
  repository0_.repositoryName       AS reposito4_3_,
  repository0_.repositoryType       AS reposito5_3_,
  repository0_.description          AS descript6_3_,
  repository0_.status               AS status7_3_,
  repository0_1_.fileStoreQueryUrl  AS fileStor2_2_,
  repository0_1_.vendor             AS vendor3_2_,
  repository0_2_.databaseURL        AS database2_1_,
  repository0_2_.username           AS username3_1_,
  repository0_2_.password           AS password4_1_,
    WHEN repository0_1_.repository_id IS NOT NULL
    THEN 1
    WHEN repository0_2_.repository_id IS NOT NULL
    THEN 2
    WHEN repository0_.id IS NOT NULL
    THEN 0
  END AS clazz_
FROM bpl_repository repository0_
LEFT OUTER JOIN bpl_lfsrepository repository0_1_
ON repository0_.id=repository0_1_.repository_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN bpl_domerepository repository0_2_
ON repository0_.id                     =repository0_2_.repository_id
WHERE repository0_.repositoryIdentifier=11;

The Query result has the value "1" for clazz_ which shows that it exists in bpl_lfsrepository so should be a LFSRepositoryBean.

What is happening is that the discriminator value being resolved is "0".

I have located the code that resolves the discriminator value but I couldn't figure out why it is resolving to 0 if clazz_ is 1.

org.hibernate.loader.Loader line 1730

         // Code to handle subclasses of topClass
         Object discriminatorValue = persister.getDiscriminatorType().nullSafeGet(

Any help is appreciated

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