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 Post subject: Keeping object state coherent when using many-to-one
PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:31 am 

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Suppose I've got the following object

class User {
  String name;
  int locationId;
  Location location;
  // getters, setters etc.

and the following mapping for it:
<class name="User" table="tab_user">
        <property column="NAME" name="name" type="string"/>
        <property column="LOCATION_ID" name="locationId" type="int"/>

        <many-to-one column="location_id" insert="false" lazy="false" name="location" not-found="ignore" not-null="true" update="false"/>
<class name="Location" table="tab_location">
        <id column="LOCATION_ID" name="locationId" type="int"/>
        ...some other properties ...

Now, if in my Java code I run:

I'm left with a user object that has an obsolete location object. If I forget about it I might be getting information about the old location.
What are the good practices on how to keep such object state coherent and up-to-date?
Of course I could reread the user from the DB or set the location object manually, but I'm wondering if someone has any better ideas...


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