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 Post subject: Hibernate: Mapping “Other” column in a collection cross refe
PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:58 pm 

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My object model contains 2 objects of interest, a RuleGroup and a Rule

My RuleGroup object contains a Set of Rules.

Therefore, I have a cross reference table called RULE_GRP_MEMBER that maps between the RULE_GRP table and the RULE table to specify which Rules belong to a RuleGroup.

My RuleGroup mapping file is as follows, and this works fine with no problems.
<class name="a.b.c.d.RuleGroup" table="RULE_GRP">
    <id name="ruleGroupID" column="RULE_GRP_ID">
        <generator class="increment"/>
    <set name="rules" lazy="true" cascade="save-update" table="RULE_GRP_MEMBER">
        <key column="RULE_GRP_ID" not-null="false"/>
        <!-- Unique set to true makes this a one to many relationship -->
        <many-to-many unique="true" column="RULE_ID" class="a.b.c.d.Rule"/>

My Rule mapping file does not contain any references to a RuleGroup object.

The problem is that we are now introducing a new non-null field RULE_SEQ onto the RULE_GRP_MEMBER table. So, when a new Rule is added to a RuleGroup, a new row will be added to the RULE_GRP_MEMBER table.

How do I go about mapping this RULE_SEQ field to my objects? Ideally I'd like to map it to my Rule object, but I'm not sure what Hibernate concept I should even use.

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