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 Post subject: Questions on joining unmapped table
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:27 pm 

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<class name="abc.def.rules.RuleGroup" table="RULEGROUP">
    <id name="ruleGroupID" column="ID">
        <generator class="increment"/>
    <property name="ruleGroupName" column="NAME"/>
    <set name="attributes" lazy="false" cascade="none" table="RULE_GROUPS_ATTRIBUTES">
        <key column="XREF_ID" not-null="true"/>
        <many-to-many unique="true" column="ATTR_ID" class="abc.def.rules.Attribute"/>             
    <join table="OTHER_RULEGROUP_TABLE" optional="false">
        <key column="ID" unique="true"/>
        <!-- Various attributes-->

I have a number of questions on joining unmapped tables. I haven't yet tested this as my environment is not ready so I'm hoping somone can spot any flaws in my configuration up front.

I wish to use the RULEGROUP and OTHER_RULEGROUP_TABLE to map to an instance of a RuleGroup class.
Effectively, a row in RULEGROUP should map to a row in OTHER_RULEGROUP_TABLE one-to-one based on the ID attribute. Hence, my join above.
1. Am I interpreting the purpose of the join correctly?

Secondly, I wish to create a collection of Attributes based on the joining of these 2 tables.
However, XREF_ID exists only in the OTHER_RULEGROUP_TABLE.
2. Therefore, when it perfoms the collection creation, will it have performed the join? I'm not convinced that this will work

Please let me know if I am interpreting this join functionality incorrectly.


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