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 Post subject: Mapping a One-to-Many Association using a Foreign Key
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:07 am 

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Hi everyone,
I'm writing this, to know if there is a way to map a one-to-many relationship, using a entity at one side and a foreing-key at the other as a Long/Integer.
I'll put my example:

public class ClassA {
__ private idClassA
__ private List<ClassB> classesB;

public class ClassB {
__private idClassB;
__private Long idClassA_FK;

this are my hbm.xml files for both entities:

<class name="ClassA" table="CLASS_A">
__<id name="idClassA" type="long">
____<column name="ID" sql-type="BIGINT" />
____<generator class="native" />
__<bag name="classesB" lazy="false" cascade="save-update,delete-orphan">
____<key column="ID_CLASS_A" />
____<one-to-many class="ClassB" />

<class name="ClassB" table="CLASS_B">
__<id name="idClassB" type="long">
____<column name="ID" sql-type="BIGINT" />
____<generator class="native" />
__<property name="idClassA_FK">
____<column name="ID_CLASS_A" sql-type="BIGINT" />

I don't get any error from this, It works well. But I have the next problem: when I persist a ClassA the ClassB.idClassA_FK value is null, so, I need to iterate over the list, and set the new Id of ClassA into this FK, and then make an update again. I wanna know if exist a way, that hibernate sets the ClassB.idClassA_FK automatically when I send to persist ClassA.


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