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 Post subject: Does parent property for component inside component work?
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:43 pm 

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I have the following association relationships: LFOTechnician 1:1 LFOJob 1:1 LFOOrder. All are bi-directional; therefore, LFOTechnician has a reference to LFOJob and LFOJob has a reference to its parent, LFOTechnician. Similarly, LFOJob has a reference to LFOOrder and LFOOrder has a reference to its parent, LFOJob. To emphasize: there are 3 objects/classes.

I have a single database table, LFOTechnicianTB, will all of the fields for LFOTechnician, LFOJob, and LFOOrder in it. I want to use Hibernate's Component element to map this. I try to do this where the LFOJob is a Component of LFOTechnciian and ... LFOOrder is a Component within the LFOJob Component (nested). Things are ok except when the Hibernate parent property for LFOOrder (to its parent, LFOJob) is set - Hibernate says it's the wrong type (it sees it not as LFOJob but, instead, as LFOTechnician).

Here's the item that's causing the error:
<component name="lfoOrder" class="com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOOrder" unique="true">
<parent name="job"/>

Here's the error;

51882 [main] ERROR org.hibernate.property.BasicPropertyAccessor - IllegalArgumentException in class: com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOOrder, setter method of property: job
51882 [main] ERROR org.hibernate.property.BasicPropertyAccessor - expected type: com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOJob, actual value: com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOTechnician

Mappiing file (without other properties):

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 3.0//EN"
    <class name="com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOTechnician" table="LFOTechnicianTB">
        <id name="ID" type="int">
            <column name="ID"/>
         <generator class="sequence">
            <param name="sequence">TECHNICIANIDSEQ</param>
   <component name="lfoJob" class="com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOJob" unique="true">
      <parent name="lfoTechnician"/>
              <component name="lfoOrder" class="com.att.escc.dm.lfo.LFOOrder" unique="true">
         <parent name="job"/>

Domain Model Objects:
package com.att.escc.dm.lfo;
public class LFOJob
   public LFOTechnician getLfoTechnician() { return lfoTechnician; }
   public void setLfoTechnician(LFOTechnician lfoTechnician) { this.lfoTechnician = lfoTechnician; }

   public LFOOrder getLfoOrder() { return lfoOrder; }
   public void setLfoOrder(LFOOrder lfoOrder) { this.lfoOrder = lfoOrder; }
   private LFOTechnician lfoTechnician; // parent reference   private LFOOrder lfoOrder; // has-a LFOOrder   

public class LFOTechnician
   public String getTelephoneNumber() { return telephoneNumber; }
   public void setTelephoneNumber(String telephoneNumber) { this.telephoneNumber = telephoneNumber; }

   public LFOJob getLfoJob() { return lfoJob; }
   public void setLfoJob(LFOJob lfoJob) { this.lfoJob = lfoJob; }
   private LFOJob lfoJob; // has-a LFOJob

package com.att.escc.dm.lfo;
public class LFOOrder
   public LFOJob getJob() { return job; }
   public void setJob(LFOJob job) { this.job = job; }[/
   private LFOJob job;

Hibernate session code (spring's getHibernateSession() is used to manage the hibernate session):

List<LFOTechnician> technicians = null;
DetachedCriteria criteria = DetachedCriteria.forClass(LFOTechnician.class);
technicians = getHibernateTemplate().findByCriteria(criteria);


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