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 Post subject: Hibernate 3.5.2 unable to use hibernate annotations.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:10 pm 

Joined: Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:56 pm
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i created a Message.java with hibernate annotations,but ran it with HelloWorld.java having main method using HQL,
HelloWorld creates sessionfactory using HibernateUtil.java which has this

AnnotationConfiguration cfg = new AnnotationConfiguration();
         SchemaExport schemaExport = new SchemaExport(cfg);
         schemaExport.create(false, true);
         sessionFactory = cfg.buildSessionFactory();

when i ran this code i get this error.::

log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.hibernate.cfg.annotations.Version).
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
   at persistence.HibernateUtil.<clinit>(HibernateUtil.java:17)
   at hello.HelloWorld.main(HelloWorld.java:17)
Caused by: org.hibernate.HibernateException: The dialect was not set. Set the property hibernate.dialect.
   at org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect.instantiateDialect(Dialect.java:289)
   at org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect.getDialect(Dialect.java:267)
   at org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect.getDialect(Dialect.java:282)
   at org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaExport.<init>(SchemaExport.java:121)
   at org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaExport.<init>(SchemaExport.java:91)
   at persistence.HibernateUtil.<clinit>(HibernateUtil.java:13)
   ... 1 more

this is the hibernate.cfg.xml am using::

<!DOCTYPE hibernate-configuration SYSTEM
<property name="hibernate.connection.driver_class">
<property name="hibernate.connection.url">
<property name="hibernate.connection.username">
<property name="hibernate.dialect">
<!-- Use the C3P0 connection pool provider   -->
<property name="hibernate.c3p0.min_size">5</property>
<property name="hibernate.c3p0.max_size">20</property>
<property name="hibernate.c3p0.timeout">300</property>
<property name="hibernate.c3p0.max_statements">50</property>
<property name="hibernate.c3p0.idle_test_period">3000</property>
<!-- Show and print nice SQL on stdout
<property name="show_sql">true</property>
<property name="format_sql">true</property>  -->

<!-- List of XML mapping files
<mapping resource="hello/Message.hbm.xml"/> -->

<!-- List of annotated classes-->
<mapping class="hello.Message"/>


could you please tell me why am getting this error?Itried run this code without annotations i.e using hbm.xml and it worked smooth.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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