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 Post subject: Complex Query in Formula Annotation
PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:14 pm 

Joined: Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:56 am
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Hi guys,

I have a calulated column in my bean which fetches data from 2 tables using unions and sums.
Instead of executing the query for all my VOs inside a list and populating a transient field, I would like to use the @Formula annotation to fetch all data in a single query.
This query works fine when executed as a Hibernate SQLQuery:
select nvl(sum(resa), 0) as resa
from (
  select sum(nvl(q1,0)) resa from (
    select sum(nvl(qreso9621,0)) q1
    from tbl_9621
    where coddl9621 = 214
      and crivw9621 = 986
      and idtn9621 = 687074
      and idtn9621 > 0
    union all
    select sum(nvl(qreso9622,0)) q1
    from tbl_9622
    where coddl9622 = 214
      and crivw9622 = 986
      and idtn9622 = 687074
      and idtn9622 > 0 )
  union all
    select -1 * sum(nvl(qvend9625,0)) resa
    from tbl_9625
    where coddl9625 = 214
      and crivw9625 = 986
      and idtn9625 = 687074

but when I execute the same query using @Formula, Hibernate inserts aliases in the query (ex. bollaresad0_) which cause Oracle to issue an "ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected".
This is the query Hibernate generates:
select nvl(sum(bollaresad0_.resa), 0)
from (
   select sum(nvl(bollaresad0_.q1,0)) bollaresad0_.resa
   from (select sum(nvl(bollaresad0_.qreso9621,0)) bollaresad0_.q1
      from tbl_9621 where bollaresad0_.coddl9621 = 214
         and bollaresad0_.crivw9621 = 986
         and bollaresad0_.idtn9621 = 687074
         and bollaresad0_.idtn9621 > 0
   union all
      sum(nvl(bollaresad0_.qreso9622,0)) bollaresad0_.q1
      from tbl_9622
      where bollaresad0_.coddl9622 = 214
         and bollaresad0_.crivw9622 = 986
         and bollaresad0_.idtn9622 = 687074
         and bollaresad0_.idtn9622 > 0 )
   union all
      select -1 * sum(nvl(bollaresad0_.qvend9625,0)) bollaresad0_.resa
      from tbl_9625
      where bollaresad0_.coddl9625 = 214
         and bollaresad0_.crivw9625 = 986
         and bollaresad0_.idtn9625 = 687074)
) as formula1_

Is there a way to force Hiberante to execute the Formula SQL query exactly as it is?

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